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Chef Sawyer + Ramen= LOVE

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Noodlecat is a mashup ramenhouse inspired by Tokyo noodle worship and New York City noodle houses. Noodlecat recreates traditionally inspired Japanese flavors using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, while following sustainable business practices in all areas of restaurant operation.

Noodlecat offers a progressive yet approachable menu of bold dishes inspired by the many distinct cuisines found throughout Asia. Award-winning chef Jonathon Sawyer highlights seasonal ingredients from the Cuyahoga Valley to create complex flavor combinations that instantly awaken the palate. From inventive appetizers like Yuzu Kosho Edamame and Onigirir Rice Balls, to standout steamed buns like Ohio CAB Burger, Japanese Fried Chicken, and Tempura Onion, the eclectic menu features a number of noteworthy non-noodle dishes for guests to enjoy. The widespread noodle options range from traditional Tskumen ramens, Mori sobas, and Kyoto udons, to contemporary reinterpretations of classic American staples like Buttermilk Fried Chicken Ramen and Clam Chowder Udon. All of Noodlecat’s signature noodles are made in-house at Team Sawyer’s Pasta Lab, located in their newest concept, Trentina

hoto Credit: Amelia Sawyer

Hours of Operation & Location

Noodlecat is located at 234 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, Ohio and is open:

Monday thru Sunday 11 am - 9 pm